The Crunchtastic Place: Transport Services

Thank you for coming by!
The Crunchtastic Place: Transport Services makes special deliveries all over by air ✈ for reduced stress or by SUV 🚙 for larger precious cargo. We're here to help others, so please feel free to reach out anytime with any questions or concerns. We've worked privately with many individuals, families, breeders, & rescues. We treat every animal we work with as if they were our own & enjoy bringing them home 🏡. We're happy to work with you to come up with a plan to meet you & your baby's unique needs.

Our name comes from our small business: The Crunchtastic Place where we offer only the best natural items for baby, mama, & the entire family which of course includes pets as well! We are proud to offer transport services to naturally-minded families that are free 🚫 from toxic chemicals, cleaners, fragrances, etc. We are also CFA breeders of the gorgeous Chinchilla Silver Persians (Fancy Feast Cat). 

The Crunchtastic Place: Transport Services books up fast 📅 via our website & via 🖥 pages, & CitizenShipper. We mostly do single transport services.

🐈 🐕 🦜 🐢 🦎 For Precious Live Cargo:
Please provide as much information about your baby as possible. Is your baby healthy, friendly, potty-trained, free from contagious illness / parasites, & ok with other animals? Does your baby get car sick or anxious during travel? Any special accommodations required?

For small precious cargo going long distances, the preferred method of transport is by air 🛩 since it is the least stressful & typically also more affordable. Your precious cargo is w/someone at all times & is in the cabin of the plane, not in the cargo area of the plane.

We DO NOT 🚫 transport several animals from several different homes. We DO NOT 🚫 have a network of drivers. We DO NOT 🚫 sell transports to other transporters to complete.

We know this is a difficult decision & can be very stressful, please do take into consideration the cost & time that goes into transporting when viewing quotes. Yes, you can make the trip yourself & it would be cheaper doing so, but when you are looking for someone else to complete a transport job for you then you want someone who will provide the services you are requesting & do so while also being compensated appropriately as someone who is well compensated for their expenses & time will be more likely to provide excellent services. Also, your precious cargo deserves only the best. There are a lot of expenses that go into transporting which may include gas, tolls, airfare, pet airfare, hotel stays, etc. Someone's time & love is also very important during transporting. If you were looking for care for your child(ren) would you choose so by the very cheapest you can get or would other things factor into that? Typically, we may not have the lowest quote as we take transporting your precious cargo very seriously while providing only the best. We always try to quote fairly in all situations. Your precious cargo's safe & loving transport is our top priority. We believe & strive to make sure you will be fully satisfied with our transport services.

We do require a deposit (typically 1/2 of the full amount) to reserve your transport. The deposit is typically not refundable unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances.

💜 We'd love to be part of your & your precious cargo's journey! Please advise as to how we can be of assistance as we are here to help. Thank you for considering The Crunchtastic Place: Transport Services for your precious cargo.