Pura Kiki® Silicone Straw

Pura Kiki® Silicone Straw

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Pura Kiki® Silicone Straw


Our development team took up the challenge of creating the first (and only) 100% plastic-free straw top on the market. Our 100% medical grade silicone straw top is comprised of two pieces – the mouthpiece and the straight straw that extends into the bottle. This allows kids to drink upright (with the straight straw attached) or by tipping the bottle up (with the straight straw removed).

As with all products in the Kiki line, our straw module is 100% plastic-free unlike our competitors that use plastic components in their straw cups. With Pura, you can be sure you are always using the safest product for your child.

One Life... One Bottle™

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